Úbeda is Culture and Leisure

  • Parade of the Three Kings

    Parade of the Three Kings
    On January 5 in the afternoon, the Great Cavalcade of the Magi is celebrated for the enjoyment of adults and children. The Three Wise Men arrive in the city of Úbeda to distribute gifts and enthusiasm to everyone.
  • Gastronomic Days in the Renaissance

    Gastronomic Days in the Renaissance

    Úbeda is a city with a great variety and gastronomic richness, whose origin goes back a long time.
    The fruits of this ancestral gastronomy can be tasted during the first quarter of the year in the restaurants participating in the Gastronomic Days of Úbeda, who prepare menus in accordance with the gastronomic tradition of our town.

  • Bonfires of San Antón

    Bonfires of San Antón

    The night of January 16 to 17, the festival of San Antón, patron saint of animals, is celebrated.
    In various parts of the city, bonfires are organized, usually made of olive branches, and bar counters are usually installed in its shelter, where you can taste, among other food, the famous ochios with black pudding. It is also very traditional to have churros with chocolate, with all the churrerías in the city being open until late at night.

  • Smile Festival

    Smile Festival

    It is a cycle where you can enjoy top-level comedians on the national scene who, through their monologues or plays, will make us smile and laugh.

  • Carnivals


    Carnival, a festival with historical roots, has been promoted with special force during the last decade, with the emergence of multiple Carnival Groups, which with their performances in entertainment venues and in different public spaces, sweeten Ubet’s winter. The peak moment of these acts is represented by the Carnival Final, in which around thirty groups participate.

  • Inclusion Theater Festival

    Inclusion Theater Festival

    Municipal Theater School

    We will be able to enjoy theatrical performances by a group of students with different abilities who demonstrate how stigmas can be broken down, stereotypes eliminated, and awareness and sensitivity raised through theatre.

  • Spain World Heritage Race

    Spain World Heritage Race

    The traditional Race Between Cultures is part of the sports cycle organized together with the Group of World Heritage Cities of Spain. It is a test of 10.6 km of urban circuit through the historic center of Úbeda.

  • Festival “Flamencos and Mestizos”

    Festival “Flamencos and Mestizos”

    Created to offer a window to the youngest and most innovative emerging projects that are struggling to succeed in the current flamenco scene.
    Pure flamenco, of those who have collected the values ​​of tradition, and flamenco that looks out on miscegenation, on the exchange of races and cultures.

  • Artistic Days in Úbeda

    Artistic Days in Úbeda

    In these Artistic Days the city lives different activities of great importance around the technique of watercolor: International Exhibition of Watercolorists, Art Market or the prestigious international Outdoor Painting Contest “Úbeda World Heritage Site”.

  • Painting and Plastic Arts Award “La Rural”

    Painting and Plastic Arts Award “La Rural”

    The purpose is to favor, help and promote the work of active plastic artists, making room for all kinds of innovative and representative proposals of the latest trends.

  • Holy Week

    Holy Week

    Holy Week is one of the most important events of the year in the town of Úbeda. Holy Week of Úbeda has been declared of Tourist Interest in Andalusia. Images, taken out in processions from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday, offer a tour of the most exalted religious imagery in the province of Jaén.

    Among the most emotional moments of the many in Holy Week in Úbeda, two stand out. The exit at dawn on Good Friday of Jesús Nazareno, and the rapid ascent of the Virgen de la Soledad (Virgin of Solitude) carried on the shoulders of penitents up the steep hill Cuesta de la Merced. Not to be missed is the General Procession, which takes place on the night of Good Friday, an impressive chronological representation of the Passion in which twenty thrones and nearly 3,000 penitents participate. It is especially recommended to see it in the Plaza Vázquez de Molina.

  • Pilgrimage of the Virgin of Guadalupe

    Pilgrimage of the Virgin of Guadalupe

    On the first Sunday of May, the Virgin of Guadalupe is moved from the Gavellar Sanctuary to the Basilica of Santa María, in a pilgrimage where floats and faithful accompany the patron saint of the city.

  • May Crosses

    May Crosses

    Coinciding with the first weekend next to May 3, the festival of the May Crosses, in various squares of Úbeda Crosses are erected, generally floral, next to which bars are usually installed, in which to taste the typical and varied local tapas.

  • Úbeda European Comic Festival

    Úbeda European Comic Festival

    Its contents revolve around the European production of the ninth art that has a program where publishers, national authors and representatives of other sectors linked to the world of comics are present.

  • Book Fair

    Book Fair

    It is a proposal developed in the Plaza de Andalucía, with a marked cultural character. This event has activities that bring literature closer to citizens, round tables or conferences among other activities, which will serve to bring reading closer to the general public.

  • Circus Festival Spring Cucha!

    Circus Festival Spring Cucha!

    Festival that revolves around the artistic disciplines of Circus and Street Theater, which is held in public spaces of the city free of charge, which complements the activities of the Book Fair, with the presence of national street theater companies and international.

  • Corpus Christi

    Corpus Christi

    The Feast of Corpus Christi celebrated in the month of June is deeply rooted; the city turns to the decoration of the facades and streets through which the custody processions, with altars and decorated awnings. The entire historic center is adorned with altars and floral carpets, to make way for the Corpus Christi procession with the Custodia in front, one of the most outstanding works of goldsmithing in the national territory, accompanied by the boys and girls who have recently received the First Communion.

  • Storytelling Festival “In Úbeda you tell”

    Storytelling Festival “In Úbeda you tell”

    Numerous narrations aimed at adults and children so that they can enjoy the stories as a fact of oral tradition. It has become a classic that takes place in different heritage spaces of the City of Los Cerros (The Hills).

  • International Festival of Music and Dance “City of Úbeda”

    International Festival of Music and Dance “City of Úbeda”

    The Úbeda Festival may be one of the most special festivals on the national and international scene. The essential basis for its success lies in its program rich in diversity, with complementary style, and always based on excellence.
    The quality of the programming, the presence of great artists, great orchestras, soloists or top international chamber groups are the main attraction of the festival.

  • Úbeda Soundtrack Festival

    Úbeda Soundtrack Festival

    This festival hosts the celebration of different activities that have as their axis music composed or adapted to the cinema. Concerts, conferences and a congress for experts, culminating in a symphonic concert in the Plaza Vázquez de Molina.

  • Renaissance Festivals

    Renaissance Festivals

    In June-July the Renaissance Festivals are celebrated, festivals that commemorate the declaration of Úbeda and Baeza as World Heritage Cities on July 3, 2003.
    For a few days the city is transformed to recover its history. It is decked out to be the stage for a series of activities that will make you relive the splendor of Úbeda in the 16th century: Theater and dance, exhibitions, concerts and period dinners…

  • Cinefan Festival

    Cinefan Festival

    Lights, cameras and… action! The city of Úbeda, as a cultural reference from different spheres, expands its range of possibilities for movie lovers. It is about bringing the public closer to a certain cinematographic world, through an icon, a film saga, a film, a film director or a specific genre that has had outstanding recognition throughout the history of the seventh art.

    Concerts, round tables, talks, signing sessions and the “Walk of Fame” are some of the activities that comprise the Festival.



    Initiative that includes a rich and varied programming, aimed at young people, in which board games, miniatures, role-playing manga, archery, video game console tournaments, etc. stand out. in the incomparable setting of the Hospital de Santiago.

  • Festmuve


    Úbeda vibrates to the rhythm of “FestMuve”, the Summer Music Festival. For a few years now, the city of Los Cerros has had a new incentive to be visited thanks to the first-class concerts that make up this festival. If you want to enjoy first class music and shows, be sure to visit the city during the months of July and August.

  • Days “Sabina Here”

    Days “Sabina Here”

    In mid-September the “Sabina around here” Days take place, with concerts, exhibitions and activities about this universal Ubetense, the city’s Favorite Son.
    The programming of these Conferences tries to honor every year the illustrious singer, poet and musician from Ubet Joaquín Sabina. It includes an original contest for young people, who cover the artist’s compositions and usually have his presence. All performances and activities take place in the cultural center of the Church of San Lorenzo.

  • Biennial of Photography

    Biennial of Photography

    It welcomes important photographers both from the province of Jaén and from other areas of Spain, organizing a contest open to anyone who wants to raise the photographic level of the city.

  • Tapas Fair

    Tapas Fair

    Weeks prior to the San Miguel Fair, Ubetans warm up their engines at the long-awaited Tapas Fair. As we have been getting used to for a few years now, it has become a meeting point for everyone who likes to have a good time, accompanied by family and friends, enjoying the best tapas in some of the city’s bars.
    There are several establishments that participate in this annual event, offering the best of themselves, innovating in each of the appetizers they prepare for the occasion.

  • Heritage Night

    Heritage Night

    It is an event that takes place simultaneously in the 15 cities that make up the Group of World Heritage Cities of Spain. With a program of recreational activities and citizen participation that has Heritage and its social function as the common thread. A great night where you can enjoy a wide variety of cultural and tourist events.

  • Agricultural Machinery Fair

    Agricultural Machinery Fair

    This fair, which is held the third week of September, has become one of the most important in the sector at a national level.

  • Fair and Festivals of San Miguel

    Fair and Festivals of San Miguel

    The San Miguel Fair takes place between September 28 and October 4 in commemoration of the city’s patron saint’s day: during this week bullfights, concerts and cultural activities are held inside and outside the fairgrounds.

  • Autumn Theater Show

    Autumn Theater Show

    The Autumn Theater Show is characterized by the theatrical performances of the best national, traditional and contemporary companies, who bring first-rate works to our city.

  • International Historical Novel Contest “City of Úbeda”

    International Historical Novel Contest “City of Úbeda”

    Every year a cultural program is presented for the presentation of novels and writings that have the historical fact as a common denominator. Talks, round tables with authors and novelists and historical recreations are some of its activities.

  • Sanjuanista Week

    Sanjuanista Week

    Since 1977, the Discalced Carmelite community has organized every year in Úbeda a series of conferences and liturgical and artistic events dedicated to Saint John of the Cross.
    These days are officially inaugurated on a Saturday, with a brief presentation of the content of the Week and, as a central act, with a musical performance or other scenic arts around the work and poetry of the Saint. From the following Monday to Friday, a cycle of conferences takes place, where great specialists in San Juan de la Cruz, both national and international, take part. The Sanjuanista Week ends with a Eucharist in the church of San Miguel.

  • Clown and Circus Festival “Cucha de Otoño”

    Clown and Circus Festival “Cucha de Otoño”

    During the months of October to November, lovers of Clown art have a date in the city. A multitude of activities and shows to please young and old.

  • Ornithological Contest

    Ornithological Contest

    This is a cultural and sports activity in the field of ornithology that is held at the Hospital de Santiago. The great variety and the different ranges presented mean that the public is not left indifferent when appreciating the beauty of these birds.

  • Caja Rural Foundation Photography Contest

    Caja Rural Foundation Photography Contest

    Photography contest aimed at all its clients of legal age who wish, whether amateurs or professionals, in order to select the twelve snapshots that will form part of its famous institutional calendar. The chosen theme will be related to the current advertising campaign of the financial institution.

  • Úbeda and Baeza Early Music Festival

    Úbeda and Baeza Early Music Festival

    The Úbeda and Baeza Early Music Festival (FeMAUB) was born in 1997 with the purpose of adding a musical encounter to the artistic and cultural attractions of both cities, jointly declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003.
    The FeMAUB is a thematic event, which in each edition commemorates a specific aspect of historical music from multiple perspectives, including not only cycles of concerts (organ, educational, parades, social, etc.), but also exhibitions, informative conferences, courses and high-level conferences. Since its origins, it has been committed to the recovery and dissemination of the Iberian and Latin American musical heritage, making known through premiere concerts and first world recordings that vast and, sometimes, forgotten part of the Hispanic culture.

  • Puppet Festival

    Puppet Festival

    In each edition, it presents important puppet theater companies starring in the Christmas cultural activity aimed at children and families.

  • Christmas Carol Contest

    Christmas Carol Contest

    Charity carol contest organized annually by the Alma Madre Choir for a charitable purpose, designed to help people who need it most on Christmas Eve. Held at the Ideal Cinema Theater, different formations collaborate to interpret songs according to these festivities.