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Deán Ortega palace stands, solid and robust, in Plaza Vázquez de Molina. This Renaissance building was erected by the architect Andrés de Vandelvira at the behest of Fernando Ortega, first chaplain of the Sacred Chapel of El Salvador (the Saviour), who died before the work was completed.
On the facade two angels stand out, holding the coats of arms of Ángel Ezequiel Fernández de Liencres and Pando de Castañeda, owners of the palace from 1831 to 1929.

Also on the facade, our attention is drawn to the grooves from numerous rings which were used to tie up horses, as well as the corner balconies very typical of Renaissance architecture in the region.

The interior is organised around a central patio. It is porticoed on two levels from a gallery of arches supported by stylised marble columns, inspired by Nazarí art from Granada. Here you can enjoy the finest local cuisine, as it has been a state hotel since 1930.


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Plaza De Vázquez De Molina 1, 23400 Úbeda, Jaén, Spain
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