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At the start of the 17th century, the Town Council decided to remodel the offices of the Town Hall, which had previously been here but in a more modest building.
The construction of the new offices followed the model of public civil buildings in the Italian Renaissance, with a double porticoed gallery facade. The upper gallery had the function of a balcony, from which the members of the Town Hall attended celebrations taking place in the square below. Meanwhile the lower gallery served as a place for citizens to meet. Nowadays the Old Casas Consistoriales is home to the Music School of Úbeda.

At either end of the facade two niches stand out with the images of San Miguel and San Juan de la Cruz, patron y co-patron of the town respectively. On the lateral facade our attention is drawn to the presence of a sun dial dated from 1604. This system of measuring time, used already by the ancient Egyptians, is based on the position of the shadow cast onto a smooth surface by the pointer, called a style or gnomon, which indicates the position of the sun at any given moment and therefore the time of day.


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