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Discretely sheltered by the imposing buildings which dominate Plaza Vázquez de Molina, we find a small jewel.
Right in the centre of the square, surrounded by gardens, is a beautiful Renaissance style fountain.
It consists of a single water pipe which spills into a pool whose base is decorated with reliefs of frogs, lizards and water snakes. In turn this pool spills onto an octagonal pillar which also has reliefs carved onto each of its eight sides. Originally this fountain was not found here; instead it decorated the patio in the palace of Don Francisco de los Cobos y Molina. He was the right-hand man of King Carlos V and received the fountain as a gift from the Ambassador of Rome, Micer Mai, which explains its Italian style so admired by the Spanish in the Renaissance period.


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Plaza De Vázquez De Molina, 23400 Úbeda, Jaén, Spain