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Palacio Juan Vázquez de Molina
Palacio Juan Vázquez de Molina

Vázquez de Molina palace is one of the most emblematic works of architecture in Úbeda. It mixes history and legend; politics and religion. The building is popularly known as “Las Cadenas” or “The Chains” thanks to the chains situated on its facade. On the facade we can also see a good deal of graffiti from the time of its construction, known as “vítores” (cheers), which reference commemorative events, people, or social criticisms.

The palace was erected in the 16th century under the direction of Andrés de Vandelvira. It was to be occupied by Juan Vázquez de Molina, a man trusted by kings Carlos V and Felipe II. However, he never got to live here and the palace was remodelled in order to be converted into a convent of Dominican nuns. A famous legend dating from this time tells of one night when an abandoned new-born appeared at the doors of the convent. Moved, the Sisters decided to take the baby in, but as it was forbidden to accept men, they dressed and raised him as if he were a maiden. However, after the death of the Sisters who had protected him, his masculinity was discovered and he was expelled and moved to the nearby town of Sabiote where he died shortly after, grief-stricken.


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